Hotel – ski slope – lift

New slopes and lift

The aim of the project is the construction of ski slopes for undemanding recreational skiers.

There is going to be built funicular UNIFIX with wagons – seats for 4 persons – firmly attached to the rope intended to the carriage of persons wearing skis up.

The device is also designed for summer operation (ramblers). Carriage of bicycles during summer is possible on the hooks intended for this.

Fuel station will be situated as lower and mobile. Both stations will be carried out as a free-standing structure.

Track length: 638 m
Vertical drop: 118 m
Transport time: 4 minuty
Number of wagons: 70
Transport capacity: 2015 persons/hour

Hotel complex

There is going to be created three star hotel with a planned capacity of 100 beds by the reconstruction of the former sheepfold.

The hotel complex will have two restaurants, bowling centre, climbing wall, rope centre, tennis courts, sauna and jacuzzi whirlpool.


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Important information

Mountain Rescue

561 64 Čenkovice 81
tel: 1210
mobil: +420 606 783 142
mobil: +420 602 385 555

Luggage transport

From the car park to the cottage. The trailer for the snowmobile.
CALL: +420 602 402 333