Residential holiday set

In cooperation with ACIS we have been preparing construction of residential recreational set.

Urban Solution


Old map data of village Čenkovice scattered the evidence of a building outside the village centre. It was the inspiration when designing the new urban area.

Each recreational building therefore seems to be randomly scattered throughout the land without seeking to establish a firm order which was completely foreign to spontaneously rising rural mansions in this area. The main road is the only connecting element remaining, it is situated between the houses with the greatest respect to the nature of the terrain.


The whole urban solution is the desire to minimize disruption of existing landscape and the establishment of the proposed new buildings to the historic manner in compliance with the requirements of the environment. This proposal is consistent with the concept of development plan of village Čenkovice.

Architectural Solutions


The proposed residential recreational set with its architectural expression is not trying to create copies of pseudo-folk architecture even thought its main source is taken from the local folk architecture. It comes from its morphology and it also uses materials which are typical for this region. However, this is a contemporary building, the way of using them is accordant with presence.

Individual houses are separate or in groups of two to three fixed into stone rootstocks, which seems to be directly fixed to the ground. This principle will reduce the visual mass of the proposed buildings, the entire first floor is hidden under the green vegetation roof, while allowing to increase its usable area.


The layout of this solution will create sufficient space to input the stock background for each residential unit in the underground section and also allows to place illuminated residential premises in the front. They may also be easily adaptable for the disabled due to access directly from ground level.

The vast majority of residential units is located on the objects, which grow from the rootstock. Are designed primarily flats 2 + kk apartment 1 + kk. It is also possible to create flats with more rooms, or separate kitchen.


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