Vacation houses and guest houses

Urban Solutions

dům lanškrounského typu Old map data of village Čenkovice scattered the evidence of a building outside the village centre. It was the inspiration when designing the new urban area.

Each recreational building therefore seems to be randomly scattered throughout the land without seeking to establish a firm order which was completely foreign to spontaneously rising rural mansions in this area. The main road is the only connecting element remaining. It is situated between the houses with the greatest respect to the nature of the terrain.

penzion Larger guest houses are set at two positions. The first is in the lowest part of the land where the building visually disappears in the existing building.

The second locality for the construction of guest houses is at the upper edge of the land, in the view from the village just over the horizon. It is the locality in which the object is at least visually apparent, while allowing a tremendous view

The whole urban solution is the desire to minimize disruption of existing landscape and the establishment of the proposed new buildings to the historic manner in compliance with the requirements of the environment.This proposal is consistent with the concept of development plan of village Čenkovice.

Architectural Solutions

dům lanškrounského typu By request of the processor of the concept development plan of community Čenkovice all proposed facilities are based in its architectural concept which is the house of Lanškroun‘s type that is characteristic for this area.

This is seen both in the material resolution (low floor and the massive roof with gables) and in the façade materials – a combination of wood and plaster..


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