Grass skiing World Cup

World Cup in ski area Čenkovice

Competition disciplines


◘ Slalom

◘ Giant Slalom

Concept of grass skiing


Grass skiing is relatively new but around the world expanded sport which is dedicated not only to professional athletes but also to recreational skiers. Skis for grass skiing are much shorter than the ones for a normal skiing – they are about three feet long, resemble to the tank strip. The same ski boots and ski poles are used for winter downhill skiing as well as for the grass skiing, just do not forget the fact that the skis for grass skiing are a bit bigger.

Czech athletes have already gathered a decent line of medals in the sports industry and we all hope that this year is not going to be different in Čenkovice!

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Actual weather in Čenkovice
in 850 elevation above sea-level

°C / 32°F • Clearness


Actulized: 7.4. 2018 v 10:14:31

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Important information

Mountain Rescue

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Luggage transport

From the car park to the cottage. The trailer for the snowmobile.
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