Ski resort Červená voda

New ski resort on Buková hora

On the north-east section of Buková hora, the Červena Voda Ski Park has been built, a resort whose parameters are of Alpine standard. The resort builds on the current piste, which leads to Buková hora from Čenkovice mountain resort. Upon dismounting the Třebovský dvojka lift, go straight and after about 80 m you’ll reach the Červená Voda Ski Park piste.

A unique Ski Region not just for skiers

This unique connection makes Buková hora a highly attractive resort offering everything the general skiing public require. From the top of Buková hora, you can ski down prepared pistes to either Čenkovice or Červená Voda. The length of the new piste created is 4 440 m, and a four-seater lift has been erected at the top of Buková hora with covered heated seats which travels at a maximum speed of 5 m/s.

It is highly unfortunate both for Ski Čenkovice and Červená Voda Ski Park that the operators of both ski resorts have not been able to agree on a single joint pass.

You can find more information on the Červená Voda Ski Resort website