Ten Commandments of the Mountain Rescue Service

Ten rules for the safe conduct of movement in mountainous terrain.

  1. Always carefully plan your route and take your hiking equipment with you (don‘t forget to take your medicines). Hiking planned according to the physical and mental condition of the weakest member of the group.
  2. Have enough time to obtain as much information about weather forecast, snow and avalanch situation as you can.
  3. Before leaving on a hike don‘t forget to transmit route information and expected return time. The pace of the hike selected according to the weakest member of the group.
  4. Correctly use the map, know the types of marking hiking trails of specific mountains.
  5. Know the types of warning signs and their meanings.
  6. Do not move out of the marked paths.
  7. Have first aid kit any time with you and ,if necessary, be able to provide first aid.
  8. Know the Mountain Rescue contacts, or the emergency number. Always have your mobile phone charged and switched on.
  9. Know the Code of Conduct against straying, fall of avalanche or collapse in the exposed terrain.
  10. Never underestimate a mountain and do not expose irresponsible behaviour to endanger yourself or others.