Cross country trails

Area Čenkovice, Buková mountain and Suchý mountain offers over 75 km of groomed ski machine trails. The entire project is funded by the local Association ORLICKO and Forests of the CR. Its aim is to offer you all the ideal conditions for short and long stays in the area, which is going to be the complex winter ski resort Čenkovice, the centre of winter sports holiday in Pardubice Region.

We have prepared three machine-prepared tracks for the winter season. We use a machine Kässbohrer PB 25,130 with blade, hydraulic cutter and two tracers for servicing. By default, there is going to be prepared one track for classic technique and one track for skating technique. In reality, the lines are marked in green, blue and yellow. The indicative signs are located in several places.

Overview of basic routes (35 km of track)


Length: 17.5 km (including a turn to the Suchý Hill)

Převáží (gap between the villages Čenkovice a Výprachtice) – Buková mountain (peak) – Jeřáb – Červenovodské gap – Hvězda – turn under the Suchý peak (Suchý vrch) – fortress Bouda – Mladkov (only under favourable snow conditions)


Length: 8,6 km

Červenovodské gap – contoured way above the Červená Voda – ski slopes Čenkovice – Jeřáb – Červenovodské gap


Length: 8,3 km

fortress Bouda – contoured way above Těchonín – U tří pánů (Three Lords) – Hvězda (Star)

Taking up places

  • railway station Mladkov -Bouda
  • Červenovodské gap (car park)
  • Jeřáb (from Čenkovice)
  • Převáží (limited parking)

Parking is also available at the car park in the winter resort Čenkovice.

Frequency of maintenance

The tracks are maintained at least twice a week. Depending on snow and weather conditions!