Snowpark Čenkovice

Snowpark is situated in the area between the two slopes (Ski club Česká Třebová and Water and Sport Svitavy). Its history is among the very first snowparks in the Czech Republic. An important novelty, which Čenkovice can boast about is its own ski lift (poma), which is the entire length of the park. Snowpark Čenkovice underwent a complete reconstruction. Instead of clay Half-pipe the clay „drums“ were created , which forms the basis of a series jibs behind. The dominant feature of this line is surely an A box over an american car. There is going to be built a butter box in high where you can find three kickers next to each other with the decking around six to thirteen meters. Snowmobile Mulda 120 takes care for your comfort snowboarding 3 times a week or as needed throughout winter. Refreshments will take care of your stomach, and music for great atmosphere.

Technical background

The park is plowed by Mulda 120 as needed, at least 3 x week. Snowpark has its own lift with a length of 400 meters with a transport capacity 350 persons/ hour. The park is illuminated, and the bottom of the park is also partially music provided.

Self snow-up: no

Our own snowmobile : yes

Our own lift : yes

Illuminated park: yes


1 day 200 Kč
11 rides 100 Kč

The person responsible for the condition of the park

René Dobeš

Phone number: 602 808 251


4 jumps of size: (length of the edge jump to the impact / height / width)

5m / 1m / 2m

8m / 1.5m / 2m

10m / 1.5m / 2.5m

4m / 0,8m / 2m


Kink rail – high 2m / length 8m / angle of inclination 25 °

Rail 5×: high 1,2m / length 6m high 1,5m / length 3,5m

1× rustless rail – high 0,7m / length

3,5m rainbow – high 2m / length 12m

A rail – high 2m / overall length10m

Rail – three rail – in – 0,6m š – 0,15m d – 10m

Box – in – 0,6m š – 0,5m d – 6m

Kink box – plain d – 4m

D rail – 6m in – 0,6m š – 0,5m

C box – box 6

Snowpark rules