Trips from 10 – 15 km from Čenkovice


This picturesque small mountain town is famed for the production of nativity scenes and organs. You can see exhibitions of these items and others in the modern Town Museum. Those interested in the Czechoslovak fortifications which are extremely well preserved nearby are sure to enjoy the military museum. Many fascinating events take place under its auspices over the year. The lime-tree alley right in the town will lead you to the renowned Baroque pilgrimage site on Hora Matky Boží hill.

Králiky town

Králíky Town Museum

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Pastviny reservoir

This 7 km long reservoir on Divoká Orlice has been used to produce electricity and for recreation since the 1930s. You can hire boats, surfboards and mountain bikes at the campsites. If you’re tired of swimming or fishing, you can hire mountain scooters in the village of the same name. The Vejvodovy lípy lime trees can be found at Pastviny, which are estimated to be 700-800 years old.

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In this town located on the Tichá Orlice river and surrounded by beautiful countryside, you’ll find a number of important Baroque buildings, e.g. the castle with park and Chapel of John of Nepomuk, the plague column and the St Wenceslas Church. The Museum of Handcrafts contains the largest exhibition of its type in Bohemia with 40 equipped workshops. After a tour, you can relax in the Baroque granary building, where a cultural centre has set up its home with a period restaurant and gallery.

Letohrad town

Museum of Handcrafts


The administrative centre of the Lanškroun region has a number of sports centres. Of the cultural buildings, of note is the castle building, which is the site of the museum, Renaissance town hall and folk architecture. The Seven Lanškroun Ponds nature park is a great place for walking, fishing or watersports on Dlouhý rybník (the Long Pond). Near Lanškroun on the European drainage divide is the Mariánská hora pilgrimage site.

Lanškroun town

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Lanškroun Castle

Lanšperk Castle

There is a stunning view of the Tichá Orlice valley and Žampach hill from the ruins of this Gothic castle near Ústí nad Orlicí. Renovation work is still ongoing at the site so that visitors can see as much as possible of the preserved parts of the castle.

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