Trips within 5 – 10 km from Čenkovice

Suchý vrch

At a height of 995 m a.s.l., besides a fairytale view you’ll also find a viewing tower here (which in the past served as a water tower) and the now-closed Kramář cottage built in 1928 by the Czech Hiking Club. The Jirásek mountain route passes here – the most well-known hiking route in Orlické hory.

Orlické hory

Suchý vrch

Bouda fort

The largest museum of Czechoslovak fortifications in the artillery tower is open from May to October, with two guided tours available. The five buildings connected by underground tunnels were built to offer the highest possible level of defence. Nevertheless, they were almost destroyed during the 1950s. Things turned around after 1989, in no small part thanks to many volunteers who have actively helped ensure both the running of the museum and the organisation of many events for the public.

Bouda fort


The Jirásek mountain walking route, the Zemská brána nature trail and the Betonová hranice trails cross in this village in the foothills (it was one of the most defended territories in Europe prior to the Second World War). Healing radioactive springs are located here, with Šalamoun and Karolína the largest. Nearby is a pedestrian border crossing with Poland, open since 1996.

Mladkov village

Jablonné nad Orlicí

The historic centre of this small town at the confluence of the Orlička and Tichá Orlice river was declared an urban reservation zone in 1977, in particular due to its Baroque buildings (St Bartholomew Church and others). The exhibition hall contains an exhibition on the town’s history. A popular place to walk is Hradisko, a natural site in the Orlička valley with alluvial meadows, meanders and rock formations.

Jablonné na Orlicí town

Jablonné nad Orlicí at