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Filipův pramen
SKI Čenkovice Filipův pramen

Buková Hora

Buková hora (958 m a.s.l.) is a dominant feature of the whole ski resort. There are five pistes on the slopes of Buková hora (other pistes lead from the peak of Jeřáb (899 m a.s.l.)). Buková hora got its name from the extensive beech growth seen particularly on the southeast slope. There is a green cross-country trail leading across the top of Buková hora. In good weather, you can see the Orlické hory massif, Králický Sněžník, the Polabí, Czech-Moravian highlands and the Krkonoše peaks. Buková hora, Filipův pramen, Vyhlídka Martina and Hanesova vyhlídka have become popular places for people who are looking for peace and quiet and trying to put their thoughts in order.


This romantic mountain village at the foot of Buková hora was founded at the end of the 12th century, and was mainly Czech until the Thirty Years’ War. The Buková hora ski centre on the border between Orlické hory and Jeseníky at an elevation of 700 – 958 m a.s.l.  offers the ideal conditions for winter sports between December and March. It is also a great starting point for hiking and cycling trips through the beautiful surrounding countryside and to the many fascinating places in Orlické hory.

Čenkovice village



This mountain village at the foot of Suchý vrch is near Jablonné nad Orlicí. The Orlička stream flows here, and you can follow it to the picturesque Hradiska valley closed in on both sides by rocks. From June to September, the final stop of the cycle bus from Kostelec nad Orlicí is here.

Orličky village

Červenovodské sedlo

The green and blue hiking paths go through this saddle (810 m a.s.l.) between the Prostřední vrch and Planiska peaks. You can use it to get from Čenkovice via Buková hora to Suchý vrch and Bouda fort. The Hradec Králove – Ostrava main road, Road 11, also passes here.

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